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Adding Value To Company Employee Benefit Plans Without Increasing Cost!                                                                       We consult with companies and individuals on their core benefit needs. The Aflac plans are designed to help cover the shortfalls of the core benefits. Employers also use Aflac as a tool when re-designing their health insurance plans, since we make it possible to choose a more affordable health insurance for the company, without hurting the employees' financial needs.                                               You may choose from the following plans:                            1. Personal Disability
2. Personal Accident Indemnity
3. Personal Sickness Indemnity
4. Voluntary Hospital Indemnity
5. Dental
6. Vision (coming soon in PA)
7. Payroll Life (up to 100,000)
8. Long Term Care                                                        .....and more.                                                                                                                                                                           We also provide value added services to our clients:                                                                            
  • -125 plan establishment
  • Employee Benefit Statements
  • Employee Benefit Communication System
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (Medical and Daycare Reimbursement)
  • Internet/On-line billing

You pick and choose the plan(s) that fit(s) your needs !

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